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Working from Home?

Live in a North Yorkshire town? Get okay broadband speeds? Wondering what the fuss about Superfast Broadband is and why you would need it? This is the first in a series of videos showing how Superfast Broadband can make your life easier and better. 

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Superfast North Yorkshire project boosts North Yorkshire economy by £220 million

The first phase of the Superfast North Yorkshire project, which is helping to extend the availability of high speed fibre broadband, has contributed £36 million to the local economy – and this could grow to £220 million in the next two years.

The figures are based on a variety of factors including changes in internet use by businesses connected to fibre and the resulting impact on turnover, profitability and employment.

The independent analysis by Regeneris Consulting highlights a range of benefits for businesses connected to the new fibre broadband network. The report shows a large proportion of small and medium sized firms have become more productive and grown as a result of their new fibre connection. The analysis indicates that one new job has been created for every ten firms connected to the network.

Click here to see the full report.


What’s Superfast North Yorkshire all about?

We're building a pioneering, multimillion pound network transforming North Yorkshire’s broadband speeds by mid 2017. The first community to benefit was Ainderby Steeple.


Do more online at home

The whole family can surf to their heart's content - no more squabbling or waiting around.

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